The Student Experience

On this episode we have the pleasure of chatting with the current Co-Presidents of the Sociology and Anthropology Student Association (SASA): Felicity Hauwert and Jayani Srigouranga. We explore what SASA is and does, how undergraduate students can become involved at the departmental level, and what it’s like being a student. We also get some advice for undergraduate students entering the university for the first time. It’s an episode based on undergraduate experiences inside and outside the classroom.  

[0:50] Intro

[06:40] Chat with Felicity Hauwert and Jayani Srigouranga, SASA Co-Presidents.

[37:50] Upcoming Events Around Campus


Find SASA at these links:


Facebook: Sociology and Anthropology Student Association


Twitter: @sasacu3




Felicity & Jayani can be reached at:


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